POOR LAG LABELS Convicts might have foolishly also been repaid that will prison caused by a overwelming problem by using vapor tickets, MoJ explains

A portion about tag cloud through G4S using wrong band is blamed The MoJ is hastening to uncover just how many criminals was incorrectly come to through enforcement stage on account of typically the gaffe. In some declaration Prisons Minister Mike Gyimah talked about: “Where any secure is defective there’s a danger it may well … Read the full story

A method Manual for any National Employees

In 2017, soon there after the following web design manager is usually inaugurated Accessories, 1000s of freshly designated government officers definitely will have trouible with the exact same existential topic: What precisely must i use that will the 1st day time involving perform? I see your tension, needing languished above clothing at the time of … Read the full story

Theresa May told her school cuts are forcing teachers to buy ‘pens, pencils and paper’ out of their own pockets

  Theresa May has been confronted with evidence that teachers are buying “pens, pencils and paper” out of their own pockets, because of harsh school funding cuts Handbags & Wallets. Jeremy Corbyn accused the Prime Minister of also forcing head teachers to sack staff, increase class sizes and shorten the school days, as their budgets … Read the full story

The writing challenges PhD students face

Beautiful young caucasian student sitting at table with computer looking at camera smiling. Young university students researching information on computer for their studies.Writing your PhD thesis – which is likely to be the single biggest piece of written work you’ve done – presents many challenges. When you’re in the midst of a long academic paper, surrounded by people with opinions and feedback and under pressure to publish, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But don’t lose hope! Here … Read the full story

Bad vs. good abstract

Girl with blank diary and pen sitting on wooden benchWhen people search through articles on ScienceDirect, they may look at the table of contents of a journal or use the search function to find relevant articles. The title should tell them whether the article could be of interest, but to find out more they have to click through to see the abstract. As an … Read the full story

Why is English the main language of science?

Antique book with handwritten textEnglish hasn’t always been the main language of science. Egyptian philosophers and stargazers told stories in hieroglyphs. Aristotle and Plato wrote books in Greek, which were then translated into Arabic by their followers. Then came the Romans – Pliny the Elder and Galen – writing in Latin. As the centuries passed, language evolved: people were … Read the full story

Common mistakes: apostrophe use

apostrophe misuseApostrophe use differs depending on the language. In Dutch, for example, apostrophes are used for plurals: taxi’s, baby’s, pizza’s. But in English, the apostrophes in these words would indicate possession: the taxi’s light, the baby’s blanket, the pizza’s toppings. Misused apostrophes can make your writing look sloppy – something you definitely don’t want it to … Read the full story

Grammar rules

iStock_000088400755_SmallIf a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat? Have you noticed that “overlook” and “oversee” have opposite meanings, but “look” and “see” mean the same thing? English is often considered one of the most difficult languages to learn. One reason for this could be some of the tricky grammar rules (or, rather, exceptions … Read the full story