The magic behind scientific illustration

Interview with M.V. Bhaskar, Chief Illustrations Advisor for Elsevier Illustrations can bring your paper to life, often showing concepts you want to express more vividly than using words alone. But we’re not all gifted artists, and sometimes we need a helping hand. Researchers often look to illustration services, such as those provided by Elsevier’s WebShop, … Read the full story

Top language mistakes for rejection

Managing Editors read submissions before they are sent to a journal’s editor to make sure the submission meets certain requirements. When you submit your manuscript to a journal, it may be checked by a Managing Editor against these criteria for desk rejection – including poor language. So how can you make sure your manuscript meets the language requirements to sail through the first stage of checking? … Read the full story

How to switch between active and passive writing

When you write something, you choose a voice for your text – a style that applies throughout – and it can be active or passive. For centuries, academic writing has favored the passive voice, but what does that mean? And how can you use it effectively? In the active voice, the emphasis is on the … Read the full story

9 top tips for writing an excellent paper

You’ve spent hundreds of hours collecting results and analyzing data, and you’re close to the end of your research journey. There’s just one final hurdle: writing the manuscript. There’s a lot riding on your final publication, since it’s your chance to share your research with your peers and it will build the body of scientific … Read the full story