Elsevier Publishing Campus: training, advice, live discussion and more

The Elsevier Publishing Campus was launched in April 2015 and has proven to be a great free resource to researchers all over the world. Whether you are looking for advice and training on getting published or advancing your career in science there is something for you.

Some of the questions Publishing Campus can help you answer are:

How do editors look at my paper?

When you are doing research you are primarily focused on your hypothesis, methods, test results and research outcome. But the actual art of getting your own paper ready for publication requires quite some expertise and a great deal of serious attention and preparation. One of our publishers gives an online presentation on this subject.

What about when it comes to preparing my manuscript?

The goal of this lecture is to provide background information on academic publishing. It outlines the various important steps that, as an author, you need to follow in preparing your manuscript for a successful publication.

Many users have sent feedback to the Publishing Campus team saying how happy they are that such a resource exists. Djordje Romanic, researcher in meteorology found research writing skills to be the most important resource on the Campus website. According to him, even experienced researchers should take a look at the information offered. As a non-native English speaker, he also finds the language used easy to follow:

Djordje Romanic_200x200_Thumb

“There are no long texts on how to do something. The English used in both the lectures and texts is simple to understand i.e. one doesn’t have to have an Oxford dictionary on hand to understand it! I think most non-native English speakers, (and even native English speakers), appreciate this.”

Here is a quick overview of the various training modules and information on the Elsevier Publishing Campus:

Article writing, peer review and grant writing

Debate the big themes in research

Study, career paths and publishing

Search and discovery, measuring impact and networking

Organizations that support researchers’ careers and progress

Face-to-face and online networking, and how to get noticed

The “icing on the cake” are the certificates that you can download after completing each online lecture or interactive course.


Visit: www.publishingcampus.com